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Ballooning the Highway Trust Fund(0)

August 19, 2015

One day last month I was listening to “Marketplace” on NPR and heard a bizarre story. According to the reporter, the huge electronic signs in Times Square in New York are now “illegal billboards” that must be taken down. Why? Because Broadway and 7th Avenue are now defined by the Federal Highway Administration as “other […]

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Trucking and Toll-Financed Interstate Reconstruction

The trucking industry is opposing current proposals to expand the use of toll financing to reconstruct and widen aging and inadequate Interstate highways. To some observers, this appears paradoxical, since the trucking industry depends critically on the Interstates as their most important infrastructure—yet this vital infrastructure is reaching the end of its 50-year design life […]

Traffic Rebound: First-Quarter VMT at Record Level

The Federal Highway Administration’s latest monthly report on vehicle miles of travel (VMT) found that in first-quarter 2015, Americans drove 720.1 billion VMT, up 3.9% over first-quarter 2014 and the highest level reached in any year’s first quarter (2006’s record high was 705.7 billion VMT). The increase was even greater in the 13 western states, […]

Interstate Tolling Stirs Controversy

There is a growing interest in tolling as part of the solution to under-investment in America’s highway system. But getting to “yes” on using this powerful financing tool will depend on a far more carefully drafted policy than most advocates are now talking about. Brookings Institution analysts Joseph Kane, Patrick Sabol, and Robert Puentes posted […]

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