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Good Prospects for Greener Heavy Trucks(Comments Off on Good Prospects for Greener Heavy Trucks)

September 16, 2015

Trucks handle more than two-thirds of all freight in the United States. And “heavy” trucks—those designated as Class 8—consume 28 billion gallons of fuel per year. Trucks in Class 8A average about 6 miles/gallon, a number that has hardly changed in decades. The first-ever mpg standards for medium and heavy trucks were introduced in 2011, […]

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Spending Transportation Money Wisely

A good idea for better public policy can, at times, take years to become reality. But when it happens it proves that old saying, “Every journey starts with the first step.” Transportation spending is a good case and point. In 1999, the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy published a study focused on creating a […]

Connected Vehicles and Cybersecurity

In May Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced that the federal government would be accelerating its efforts to mandate that new automobiles come equipped to communicate with one another. A regulation to that effect is to be submitted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to the Office of Management & Budget for final review by […]

Ballooning the Highway Trust Fund

One day last month I was listening to “Marketplace” on NPR and heard a bizarre story. According to the reporter, the huge electronic signs in Times Square in New York are now “illegal billboards” that must be taken down. Why? Because Broadway and 7th Avenue are now defined by the Federal Highway Administration as “other […]

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