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Rethinking Transit Fares(0)

May 13, 2015

Something very interesting is going on in Seattle. As the New York Times reported in a detailed Feb. 28th story, King County Metro Transit, which operates buses, rail lines, and passenger ferries, has begun charging low-income riders just $1.50 per trip, which is more than 50% off peak fares. The idea of two-tier transit fares—often […]

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Keep Private Money In Road Projects

The potential loss of at least $300 million in state transportation funds from the failed Route 460 Project (from Hampton Roads to Richmond) served as the catalyst for 2015 reforms to Virginia’s Public-Private Transportation Act (PPTA). Legislation (HB 1886) endorsed by both Governor McAuliffe and the leadership of the Virginia General Assembly was unanimously approved […]

As Managed Lanes Increase, Growing Pains Arise

According to an article by Susan Buse in the annual Tolling Review produced by Thinking Highways, as of the end of 2014 there were 28 tolled managed lane projects in operation in 10 states plus Puerto Rico, with another 18 either under construction or nearing construction. The projects already in operation include 350 miles, with […]

The Value of Innovation in Toll Concession Projects

Most discussions of the pros and cons of P3 concessions cite as benefits the availability of investment from new sources (e.g., pension funds and developer equity), shifting various risks (such as construction cost overruns) from taxpayers to investors, and ensuring proper maintenance over the life of the project, thanks to the long concession term. In […]

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