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Rights and Wrongs of Interstate Tolling(Comments Off on Rights and Wrongs of Interstate Tolling)

January 20, 2016

Now that Congress has added use-it-or-lose-it provisions to the federal pilot program that allows three states to each replace a worn-out Interstate highway using toll finance, interest in the subject is increasing. Last fall Missouri DOT held a workshop (at which I spoke) on the potential of tolling and long-term public-private partnerships (P3s) for large-scale […]

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Trucks and Automation

A recent news article in The Wall Street Journal included this provocative sentence: “Some of the features being added to trucks are similar to those in cars, but generally the move to autonomy in commercial and industrial vehicles is far ahead of the autonomous systems offered on most passenger vehicles.” My reading of both the […]

Commuting, Land-Use, and Urban Economic Productivity

Much of today’s urban transportation planning focuses on transit and “smart growth.” According to this set of ideas, suburbanization (aka “sprawl”) is bad and should be discouraged, while higher density is good and should be increased, so that “we can get people out of their cars” and do other good things like enabling lots more […]

Express Toll Lanes Progress in Five States

There is encouraging news about current and proposed express toll lanes (Editor’s note: these are called HOT lanes – High Occupancy Toll lanes — here in Virginia) projects in California, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and Washington State. In California, Gov. Jerry Brown last month signed AB 194, which authorizes Caltrans and regional transportation agencies to develop, […]

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