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Is Virginia’s P3 Program at Risk?(Comments Off on Is Virginia’s P3 Program at Risk?)

January 31, 2013

(This article is reprinted by Surface Transportation Innovations, a monthly newsletter by Reason Foundation.) The state with the longest track record in public-private partnerships (P3s) for transportation infrastructure is clearly Virginia. It enacted the first workable general enabling legislation for P3s back in 1995 (the Public-Private Transportation Act—PPTA) and despite a few early stumbles, has generated substantial private capital […]

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USDA Spy Proposal: So Much for Privacy

(Publishers note: Gary Baise is a nationally recognized environmental attorney who was a key part of the initial leadership team when the Environmental Protection Agency came into existence.  He is a Virginia resident and the issues brought up in his columns are clearly of concern to all farmer, including those here in Virginia.) Washington has […]

Transparency Roundup

This week: Redistricting, the muzzle awards and government data as a business.

Transparency Roundup

This week: Redistricting!

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