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How Virginia Might Build on the Rise of Education Capitalism(1)

March 30, 2016

The past twenty years have brought significant growth to Northern Virginia and the Tidewater area, but there have been significant costs. The state’s economic portfolio is too heavily weighted toward government spending. No state can call itself diversified when one-fifth of its income comes from a single source. Virginia should study the rise of education […]

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Tell Your Legislator You Want Public School Choices in Virginia

Dear Fellow Virginian, As a former Fairfax County School Board Member and Immediate Past President of the Virginia State Board of Education, I’ve learned a simple fact: While Virginia has a great system of public schools that largely serve children well, no one can deny that there are huge pockets of failure in some cities […]

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Why Virginia Needs A Charter School Amendment

Senator Mark Obenshain and Delegate Rob Bell have proposed a Virginia constitutional amendment permitting the State Board of Education to authorize public charter schools. If passed this year by the General Assembly, it goes to the voters for approval in November. Because charter schools are relatively unknown in Virginia, it’s important to understand how they […]

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Governor’s Corporate Tax Cut Will Have Little Impact

Governor McAuliffe has proposed a quarter of one percent cut in the corporate income tax rate (from 6% to 5.75%). This puny tax cut will have a minimal impact on economic growth. Indeed, it will only create 280 new jobs in five years. We find more new jobs coming to Virginia from reading the Governor’s press releases over […]

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