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Virginia’s Hospital Finances Looking Good(Comments Off on Virginia’s Hospital Finances Looking Good)

November 11, 2015

Earlier this week, the Thomas Jefferson Institute published a study, “How are Virginia’s Hospitals Doing Today – A Review of Hospital Finances,” showing a detailed listing of the profits and losses and the net worth of the 154 hospitals listed on the Virginia Hospital Information website (HERE) Immediately the Virginia Hospital Association (VHA) put its […]

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Public Private Partnerships in Transportation Work

Virginia’s landmark 20-year old transportation public-private partnership (P3) law has been a boon to the state. It has helped bring in additional financing sources and shift risk from the public sector to the private sector. Across the country, the state is seen as a model of leveraging private resources to improve the public good. Further, […]

Time for Reform in Juvenile Justice

If the evidence showed that taking a particular medication actually made the disease worse, would you keep on taking it? Of course not. But a recent paper, Juvenile Justice Reform, co-issued by Justice Fellowship, Right On Crime, and the Thomas Jefferson Institute makes the case that, when it comes to Virginia’s juvenile justice system, that’s […]

Charter School Constitutional Amendment: Giving Opportunities to Students

Imagine that award-winning teachers proposed a high school for under-performing students adding 23 days to the school calendar, and extending the daily schedule by more than an hour each day. Imagine further that this school allows students to take an additional credit course each year, provides increased “wrap-around” services for students and families, was endorsed […]

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