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Charter School Constitutional Amendment: Giving Opportunities to Students(0)

September 30, 2015

Imagine that award-winning teachers proposed a high school for under-performing students adding 23 days to the school calendar, and extending the daily schedule by more than an hour each day. Imagine further that this school allows students to take an additional credit course each year, provides increased “wrap-around” services for students and families, was endorsed […]

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Virginia: Open for Business With Iran?

The Iran nuclear deal will soon become reality even though a bi-partisan majority in Congress opposes it as does a vast majority of the American people. Significant arms agreements, especially between adversaries on the world stage, have always been by treaty, requiring a two-thirds vote of approval by the U.S. Senate. This has ensured broad […]

Spending Transportation Money Wisely

A good idea for better public policy can, at times, take years to become reality. But when it happens it proves that old saying, “Every journey starts with the first step.” Transportation spending is a good case and point. In 1999, the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy published a study focused on creating a […]

Jefferson and His Views on Slavery

(Editor’s note: This history lesson on Thomas Jefferson and his views and actions concerning slavery is worth reading.) Recently, leaders of the Democratic Party of Connecticut voted unanimously to delete the name of Thomas Jefferson from their annual fundraising dinner. Jefferson was, after all, a slave owner. Democrats in other states are reportedly considering similar […]

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