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Why We Can’t Live Without Autonomous Vehicles

What if an airliner, loaded with 400 passengers, fell from the sky, killing everyone aboard? What if it happened every year? Every week? Every day? What if it happened every three hours? You’d probably think twice before booking airfare for … Continue reading

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STEM-Related Jobs Outlook is Bright

Demand for workers with skills in higher paying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, known as the STEM subjects, is expected to continue to outpace demand for non-STEM workers over the next decade, based on a new 10-year projection from the … Continue reading

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Surfing the Data Tsunami

Data Crush is coming, and it gives us an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform aging and decrepit institutions, designed for the mid-20th century. As futurist Chris Surdak argues the “digital trinity” — mobile computing, social media and advanced analytics — is sweeping … Continue reading

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Connected Vehicles and Cybersecurity

In May Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced that the federal government would be accelerating its efforts to mandate that new automobiles come equipped to communicate with one another. A regulation to that effect is to be submitted by the National … Continue reading

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The Next Role for Virginians in Promoting Internet Growth

Virginia and Virginians have a special role in the history of the Internet and a special concern for its flourishing. You can have a “Virginia Internet C@pital” license plate on your car; last year, the Washington Post suggested that Ashburn, VA … Continue reading

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