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U.S. Tax System Forces Corporations to Look Overseas(0)

April 27, 2016

 Anti-big-business rhetoric is alive and well in this presidential election year. Of course Big Business works the halls of government to its advantage whenever it can. As do the lobbies for small business, unions, farmers, etc. But when it comes to creating a business climate where our internationally renowned businesses can succeed, the prestige of […]

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The Tax Rates of Wall Streeters and Steelworkers

During a rousing speech in Pittsburgh on Labor Day, Joe Biden said: “Why in God’s name should a man or woman working in a steel mill making $50,000 a year pay a higher [tax] rate than someone who makes tens of millions of dollars on Wall Street? … The tax code is not fair. It’s simply […]

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Governor’s Corporate Tax Cut Will Have Little Impact

Governor McAuliffe has proposed a quarter of one percent cut in the corporate income tax rate (from 6% to 5.75%). This puny tax cut will have a minimal impact on economic growth. Indeed, it will only create 280 new jobs in five years. We find more new jobs coming to Virginia from reading the Governor’s press releases over […]

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Tax Reform and Job Creation Go Hand in Hand

I recently sat through two days of state candidates discussing top issues facing Virginia with several dozen business leaders interested in public policy. These discussions made it clear that our economy needs a significant boost and that our tax code needs to be made more relevant to today’s world. In one business survey after another, […]

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