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Poll Reveals Voters Are Uninformed About Major Issues(Comments Off on Poll Reveals Voters Are Uninformed About Major Issues)

April 13, 2016

What do voters truly understand about policy issues that have major impacts on society? In the final weeks of 2015, Just Facts commissioned a nationwide poll to scientifically determine this. While most polls focus on public opinion, this one measured voters’ knowledge of issues that have substantial consequences for Americans. The poll consisted of 23 […]

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Assembly Punts on Airbnb

Virginia could have been one of the first states in the nation to legalize the short-term rental industry, but after taking a good hard look at HB 812, the so-called Airbnb bill, the General Assembly decided to punt. The legislature will revisit the issue next year, reports the Washington Post. Airbnb, whose web-based platform connects […]

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Governor’s Corporate Tax Cut Will Have Little Impact

Governor McAuliffe has proposed a quarter of one percent cut in the corporate income tax rate (from 6% to 5.75%). This puny tax cut will have a minimal impact on economic growth. Indeed, it will only create 280 new jobs in five years. We find more new jobs coming to Virginia from reading the Governor’s press releases over […]

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McDonnell Trial Reviewed

In closing statements of former Governor Bob McDonnell’s August trial, lead prosecutor Michael Dry made a remarkable statement. McDonnell had flat-out denied key testimony of star witness Jonnie R. Williams, a suspected con man under federal investigation who had agreed to testify in exchange for a generous immunity agreement. Dry acknowledged that jurors might suspect […]

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