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Government Regulations Impact Industries(1)

January 29, 2014

Increasing government regulations tend to have varying degrees of effect on different industries. Even though their impacts on the broader economy may be modest, for certain industries, the impact can be quite severe. Susan Dudley, director of the George Washington University’s Regulatory Studies Center, said in a report that the Obama administration’s own estimates shows […]

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Should the Uranium Mining Moratorium Be Lifted?

The debate over uranium mining in Virginia is reaching a crescendo as the Virginia General Assembly meets for its 2012 Session and those in favor and those opposed are ready to battle over this important public policy and economic development issue. While this is  important , especially to those who live in Southside Virginia, the […]

Virginia Unfairly Competes with the Private Sector

By John S. Massad I am typically not a big fan of federal government policies, but when they are more pro-business than the State of Virginia’s policies one has to ask, “Why?” I am referring to the Virginia  Department of Corrections where currently there is a mandate that the state prison industries  provide office furniture […]

America and the Internet: A case study on the productive absence of regulation

Regulation has always run a furlong or two behind technology. It seems an inescapable function of the difference between the two beasts. Even well-intended regulation thrives on rules, stasis and predictability. Technology, by contrast, thrives on unfettered innovation, rapid change and creative destruction. In retrospect, then, the most insightful regulatory policy ever adopted by the […]

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