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Confusion, Muddle, Obfuscation and More

Winston Churchill called Russia a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. We could say Obama’s energy and climate policy is confusion wrapped in muddled thinking inside obfuscation – and driven by autocratic diktats that bring job-killing, economy-strangling, racist … Continue reading

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Is the End of America’s Culture Wars in Sight?

Have the Culture Wars peaked? Is the national debate over God, Gays and Guns on the downward slide? Michael Lind, a conservative thinker and co-founder of The New America Foundation, thinks the end is foreseeable. Just as the Civil War didn’t … Continue reading

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Cantor’s Loss: Lessons Learned … Again

To my many friends on both sides of the political aisle, if you learn just two things from the Eric Cantor loss last month I hope you infuse your political blood with: 1 – Challengers don’t win, incumbents lose. 2 … Continue reading

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Ferris Bueller and the Election Results

If one assumes that Ferris Bueller was a second semester senior in the 1986 classic comedy hit “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’, today he would be 44 or 45. While Ferris would have never voted for Ronald Reagan, he was a … Continue reading

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Keep the Redskins’ Name

I was once told that the only bad thing about being a good sport is that you have to lose to prove it. So it is with democracy; you have to have the freedom to disagree to prove that it … Continue reading

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