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Super Bowl’s Super Last Play(Comments Off on Super Bowl’s Super Last Play)

February 4, 2015

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made a good decision when he chose to pass the ball against New England’s goal line defense. On second down. With thirty seconds to go. And one time out left. The Patriots were thinking run. Pete chose pass. Zig versus zag. Like the old line from baseball goes “Hit it […]

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A Rocky Business: Quarries in Virginia

Modern quarries in the Old Dominion owe their existence to the automobile – and muddy roads. In fact, in 1928, before the state took over road maintenance, Fairfax County opened a quarry near Centreville to extract crushed stone for county roads. Now privately owned, the Luck Stone Corporation quarry site on Route 29 provided material […]

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Cathedrals, Temples and Mosques: Spiritual Shrines in Virginia

On Laurel Street, near Richmond’s Fan District, sits the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, considered the finest ecclesiastical example of the Italian Renaissance Revival style in Virginia. (New York’s Carnegie Hall was built in the same style.) Constructed more than a century ago, it was designed by New York architect Joseph H. McGuire […]

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Riffles and Cascades

Waterfalls in Virginia

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