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Reform for Better Health Care(Comments Off on Reform for Better Health Care)

July 22, 2015

Now that the Supreme Court has determined that the Obamacare entitlement is here to stay, let’s work toward reforming our health care system in ways that make sense. Virginia is one of 36 states that still has Certificate of Public Need laws (COPN) on the books. This law stems from a federal mandate more than […]

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Health Care Should Be Reformed

The Supreme Court decided Obamacare is here to stay. It has given its “constitutional seal of approval” twice in two years to this massive new federal entitlement program and that means any changes will have to be accomplished legislatively and not through the courts. Obamacare may be altered, reformed, and redesigned over the years but […]

Obamacare’s Results and Its Future

The Supreme Court will decide within the week whether Obamacare continues as is, or will this huge federally funded entitlement program be dramatically wounded with its ability to pay for this massive program severely crippled. This debate over Obamacare will not end with this decision. The national debate will continue at least through next year’s […]

Yet Another Pending Obamacare Problem

Once again the lack of business understanding by the federal government is going to harm the competitiveness of our small and mid-sized businesses. And again it is because of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as it is known. The lack of business expertise by those who crafted this system has haunted it from the […]

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