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Sparks Will Fly(2)

February 3, 2016

Step aside Medicaid expansion. The big uproar in the General Assembly this year is over who gets the final say over the shape of Virginia’s Clean Power Plan: General Assembly Republicans or Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe. At stake is the future of Virginia’s electric grid. Democrats and their allies are pushing for 30% renewable energy by 2030 […]

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Hospital Finances Show a Profitable Industry

Once again, the financial numbers from the hospital industry show that it is doing very well overall. Close to 80% of the hospitals in our state are profitable. The number of hospitals running operating deficits have decreased each of the last three years. Our study last month showed that the hospitals had made, industrywide, a […]

Second Thoughts on Second-Hand Smoke

“We find no evidence that legislated U.S. smoking bans were associated with short term reductions in hospital admissions for [heart attack] acute myocardial infarction or other diseases in the elderly, children or working-age adults.” This startling conclusion comes from four authors in the Congressional Budget Office, RAND Corporation, Center for Primary Care – Stanford University, […]

Health Care Reform That Makes Sense

Momentum is building for the Virginia General Assembly to pass long-overdue changes to the Certificate of Public Need (COPN) law. Under the National Health Planning and Resources Development Act, 49 states implemented COPN laws in order to receive federal funding. This law was originally intended to control costs by requiring the State Health Commissioner to […]

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