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Wetlands: The New Land Grab by EPA(1)

June 8, 2011

EPA’s draft guidance on identifying waters which may be wetlands was issued on April 27, 2011. My recent blog discussed the concern an Illinois congressman had regarding the impact of this guidance on agriculture and farmers.

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Virginia Still Feeling the Effects of Housing Crisis

Though doing better than the national average, Virginia has not escaped the foreclosure crisis unscathed. Regions where homes are least affordable are experiencing heightened foreclosure activity.

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Toll Project Bankruptcies Demonstrate Risk Transfer

Toll projects are inherently risky and the best way to deal with that riskiness is to shift it from general taxpayers to sophisticated investors who are prepared to balance the occasional loss in exchange for solid long-term returns in other cases.

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The Most for Our Money: Taxpayer Friendly Solutions for the Nation’s Transportation Solutions

A recent report from the Reason Foundation lays out seven suggestions – from HOT lanes to telecommuting – that will help improve the nation’s transportation system at a taxpayer-friendly cost.

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