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Is the Goal Cutting CO2 or Imposing a Tax?

While it would have been a popular step with his political base, and one he was expected to take, Governor Ralph Northam may have been smart to pass on seeking to veto state budget language preventing Virginia membership in the … Continue reading

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Is Winter Coming for Virginia Pipeline Projects?

The building season is here, but for developers of Virginia’s two hotly-contested natural gas pipelines, activity is back in the government agencies and courthouses. The construction sites remain largely silent, delays running up the ultimate cost of the projects, including … Continue reading

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Carbon Tax on Track for Approval

Once again, both parties at the Virginia General Assembly has pushed forward doomed legislation on a proposed carbon cap and tax regime the state will soon impose on Virginia’s fossil fuel electric power plants, with the stalemate leaving Governor Ralph … Continue reading

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What Is (and What Isn’t) a “Wetland”

(Editor’s Note:  With hundreds of rivers and tributaries (not to mention the Chesapeake Bay), rules defining “what is a wetland” are critically important for the state’s Agriculture industry.  Here, Gary Baise explores what is (and what isn’t) a wetland under new rules proposed … Continue reading

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Climate Lunacy took Center Stage in Poland

The unwritten rule seems to be that each successive climate report and news release must be more scarifying than any predecessors, especially during the run-up to international conferences. Thus Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report 15 claims governments worldwide … Continue reading

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