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Toward a Smarter Grid(Comments Off on Toward a Smarter Grid)

September 30, 2015

One day earlier this month, 10,000 people living in Fairfax County lost their electric power around 7:30 a.m. Thanks to sensors and devices that Dominion Virginia Power had installed in its electric distribution system, company operators were able to quickly identify and isolate the problem. Fifteen minutes later, they had restored service to 9,000 residents; within half […]

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The SCC’s Last Crack at Dominion Before The Rate Freeze

The State Corporation Commission is conducting a two-week hearing to determine whether or not Dominion Virginia Power should rebate $66 million in excess profits to ratepayers, as calculated by the SCC staff. This review of Dominion’s base electric rates (which cover operating costs, not fuel or rate adjustment clauses) will be the last until 2022. […]

Climate Issues We Need To Address

Reeling stock markets across the globe hammered savings, pension funds, innovation and growth. US stocks lost over $2 trillion in market value in eight days, before rallying somewhat, while the far smaller Shanghai Composite Index lost $1 trillion in four days of trading, the Wall Street Journal reports. Battered economies continue to struggle. Investment banks […]

New EPA Coal Regulations Will Hurt the Poor

The new EPA regulations on power plants, if enacted, will drive up costs significantly, especially for low-income families and minorities. The National Black Chamber of Commerce just released a study showing electric rates alone would push 6 percent more African-American and Latino families into poverty. Dominion Power, in Virginia where I moved from a year […]

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