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It’s Time for Virginia to Invest in the Future of the Teaching Profession(3)

August 19, 2015

The Virginia Department of Education (DOE), as a consequence of budget cuts, no longer keeps tab on the turnover rate of Virginia’s teachers and other crucial demographic information needed to accurately predict trends in the teacher workforce, but evidence is mounting that Virginia is not making adequate efforts to attract high-quality prospects to the teacher […]

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Higher Ed as Engine of Social Injustice

College tuitions have soared over the past several decades, and so have federal grants and subsidized student loans. Many observers of the higher ed scene believe that easy credit has been a driving force behind the tuition hikes: The more Uncle Sam subsidizes student participation in higher education, the greater the pricing power exerted by colleges […]

The Irony of the Rolling Stone Libel

By Robert F. and Thomas E. Turner Last December, Rolling Stone magazine published a lengthy article entitled “A Rape on Campus” that described in graphic detail a horrific 2012 gang-rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house. The story went viral globally, damaging the reputation of one of the most respected public universities in the […]

Not Just Any Old Resignation from UVA

Edward D. Miller, former CEO of research powerhouse Johns Hopkins Medicine, will resign from the University of Virginia Board of Visitors effective June 30 — a year early. In an interview with the Daily Progress, he cited his frustration with rising tuition and falling research grants. “I just felt there were issues I’d been advocating […]

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