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Charter School Constitutional Amendment: Giving Opportunities to Students(0)

September 30, 2015

Imagine that award-winning teachers proposed a high school for under-performing students adding 23 days to the school calendar, and extending the daily schedule by more than an hour each day. Imagine further that this school allows students to take an additional credit course each year, provides increased “wrap-around” services for students and families, was endorsed […]

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Charter School Constitutional Amendment: Devolution in Reverse

Perhaps the most radical education proposal before the General Assembly in the upcoming session is Delegate Senator Obenshain’s SJ 256, which empowers the Board of Education to “establish charter schools within the school divisions of the Commonwealth.” Currently, this power rests with the local school boards.  For example, the Richmond City School Board established the Patrick […]

Student Debt and the Decline of New Business Formation

Many are the ways in which burgeoning student debt — $1.2 trillion and rising — cripple the economy. On the Bacons Rebellion Blog we’ve discussed how debt delays family formation, housing purchases and consumer spending. Recent research from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Board also suggests that student debt dampens new business formation, an insight that […]

It’s Time for Virginia to Invest in the Future of the Teaching Profession

The Virginia Department of Education (DOE), as a consequence of budget cuts, no longer keeps tab on the turnover rate of Virginia’s teachers and other crucial demographic information needed to accurately predict trends in the teacher workforce, but evidence is mounting that Virginia is not making adequate efforts to attract high-quality prospects to the teacher […]

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