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Strategic Investment Funds: Not Just for UVa Anymore

The University of Virginia’s controversial $2.2 billion Strategic Investment Fund is such a great idea that UVa officials are recommending it as a model for other state universities. By adopting UVa’s approach and consolidating university reserve funds statewide, a sum that could … Continue reading

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How to Cut UVA Tuition 74% Without Really Trying

Helen Dragas, former rector of the University of Virginia, tried yesterday in op-eds published in the Roanoke Times andDaily Progress to jump-start a conversation about how to dispose of roughly $100 million a year income from a $2.3 billion “Strategic Investment … Continue reading

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Can Atlanta’s East Lake Experiment Work in Virginia?

It is axiomatic among social scientists that concentrating poor people in public housing projects accentuates the social pathologies that make poverty self-perpetuating and unbearable. The oft-touted solution is to create more mixed-income neighborhoods that de-concentrate poverty. Presumably, the presence of working- … Continue reading

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George Mason’s Battle over Scalia’s Name and Legacy

There are only a few prestigious outposts of free-market thought in the world of higher education. The Hoover Institution at Stanford comes to mind, as does the University of Chicago School of Economics. Then there are two gems at George Mason University — the Mercatus Center and the George Mason School of Law. Continue reading

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How Virginia Might Build on the Rise of Education Capitalism

The past twenty years have brought significant growth to Northern Virginia and the Tidewater area, but there have been significant costs. The state’s economic portfolio is too heavily weighted toward government spending. No state can call itself diversified when one-fifth … Continue reading

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