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George Mason’s Battle over Scalia’s Name and Legacy

There are only a few prestigious outposts of free-market thought in the world of higher education. The Hoover Institution at Stanford comes to mind, as does the University of Chicago School of Economics. Then there are two gems at George Mason University — the Mercatus Center and the George Mason School of Law. Continue reading

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How Virginia Might Build on the Rise of Education Capitalism

The past twenty years have brought significant growth to Northern Virginia and the Tidewater area, but there have been significant costs. The state’s economic portfolio is too heavily weighted toward government spending. No state can call itself diversified when one-fifth … Continue reading

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Time to Move Online Education Forward

Governor Terry McAuliffe earned high praise last year for allowing 21st century enterprises like Lyft and Uber to operate legally in Virginia. He now has a similar opportunity in education. The General Assembly has approved legislation sponsored by Delegate “Dickie” … Continue reading

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STEM-Related Jobs Outlook is Bright

Demand for workers with skills in higher paying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, known as the STEM subjects, is expected to continue to outpace demand for non-STEM workers over the next decade, based on a new 10-year projection from the … Continue reading

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Virginia, Proudly Supporting the Educational Status Quo

The Senate Privileges and Elections Committee has effectively killed two measures designed to encourage the creation of charter schools in Virginia, ensuring that public education in the Old Dominion, one of the most stultifyingly top-down school systems in the country, will … Continue reading

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