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Employment Rates Need a Careful Analysis(0)

July 22, 2015

The unemployment rate is dropping and jobs are becoming more plentiful, but that doesn’t mean workers are in their ideal jobs. Some people who are working are “underemployed.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics officially defines underemployment as someone who wants to work full-time and can only find part-time work. Arizona and California had the highest […]

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Interest Rates Will Rise in the Near Future

After six years of an essentially zero percent federal funds rate target, it looks like rates will begin increasing soon. The timing of that rate increase is based on the current and future strength of the economy. However, we get clues about when the rate increase will occur from speeches and interviews of voting members […]

Worker Productivity Growth Might Influence Fed’s Interest Rate Policy

Taking a look at worker productivity growth could shed some light on what the Federal Reserve might do with interest rates. The faster the rate of productivity growth, the faster the Fed can let the economy grow without inflation picking up. But productivity is slow right now compared to historical benchmarks. By definition, growth in […]

Should Virginians Help Bail Out Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is in serious financial crisis, and because the island is a U.S. territory, this is a matter of concern to taxpayers in Virginia and throughout the country. As a territory, this government cannot declare bankruptcy under current Chapter 9 law, but it wants to do just that. No government gets itself into this […]

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