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Ways to Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to Virginia & the U.S.

Thomas Jefferson recognized the important role that trade can play to benefit our nation’s economy, saying, “Commerce with other nations is not only necessary and beneficial to all parties, it is a right and a duty…” Yet, he also spoke … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Economy Needs a Real Boost

Government bad news is oftentimes released late on a Friday afternoon when the taxpayers and voters are least likely to be paying attention. Late on Friday afternoon, July 8, after most folks were heading home or starting their vacations, the … Continue reading

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Federal Spending Significantly Impacts Virginia

The federal government spends billions of dollars buying goods and services from private sector firms each year. Just as the fortunes of businesses dependent on federal spending ebb and flow with federal budgets, so do the budgets of the states … Continue reading

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Richmond’s Economic Changes Over The Past 30 years

Thirty years ago this month, the first issue of Metro Business was published. Times were certainly different back then. The region is now larger geographically and by the number of people employed. And the type of firms driving the economy … Continue reading

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How The West Got Wealthy and Prosperous

Several years ago, physician, statistician, sword swallower and vibrant lecturer Hans Rosling produced a fascinating 4-minute video that presented 120,000 data points and showcased how mostly western nations became healthy and prosperous in just 200 years – after countless millennia … Continue reading

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