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Needed in Virginia: A Fiscal Early Warning System

In the wake of the City of Petersburg’s fiscal meltdown, the General Assembly has appointed Del. R. Steven Landes, R-Augusta, to head a subcommittee to study how other states deal with fiscally stressed localities. In surveying best practices in other states, … Continue reading

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Deeper Analysis on Potential Pacific Trade Pact: Japan

(Editor’s note: this is the fourth in this series by Gary Baise, a noted agriculture policy/environmental stewardship expert who lives here in Virginia.) The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) sets forth each nation’s tariff commitments. It is argued by many in … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Blame the Victim?

Martinsville is one of Virginia’s hard luck cases. Once a thriving center of home-grown furniture and apparel enterprises, its economy has been hollowed out by international trade, and its unemployment rate chronically runs around twice the state average. Earlier this … Continue reading

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Ways to Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to Virginia & the U.S.

Thomas Jefferson recognized the important role that trade can play to benefit our nation’s economy, saying, “Commerce with other nations is not only necessary and beneficial to all parties, it is a right and a duty…” Yet, he also spoke … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Economy Needs a Real Boost

Government bad news is oftentimes released late on a Friday afternoon when the taxpayers and voters are least likely to be paying attention. Late on Friday afternoon, July 8, after most folks were heading home or starting their vacations, the … Continue reading

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