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Federal Bureaucracy Much Worse than Devine Outlines(1)

April 1, 2015

Donald Devine could not be more wrong with his data or conclusions (Reagan Idea Could Reform Invisible Bureaucracy, Jefferson Policy Journal, March 19, 2015). He points to the growth of government spending, but the relatively constant size of the federal workforce. He should give government employees more credit. In the private sector, U.S. manufacturers now […]

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An Inexpensive Experiment

Henrico County, my home county, is conducting an inexpensive public policy experiment. If it pans out, the county could improve its competitive posture as a manufacturing location. If it doesn’t, the county hasn’t lost much and can always revert to the previous status quo. County Manager John A. Vithoulkas has included a 70% cut to […]

Economic Forecast Shows Slow Growth at Best for Virginia

By Stephan Cassaday and Mike Thompson The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, the state premier public policy foundation, recently released its 15th annual Economic Forecast for Virginia and it shows that our economy continues to slowly recover from the Great Recession. Written by the state’s foremost private economics firm, Chmura Economics and Analytics of […]

Certificate of Need: A Bad Idea with Political Staying Power

Every so often Virginia undergoes a spasm of skepticism regarding the Certificate of Need (CON) law that subjects proposals for hospital expansions and equipment purchases to regulatory approval. The law gives proof to the oft-heard claim that Virginia is “pro business” — state government protects existing businesses from the challenges of newcomers — and the lie to the idea that the […]

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