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More Background on the “Killer Corn” Study

In the last issue, I wrote about a new study published in Nature Sustainability, and the blog was entitled “Growing Corn Kills People”. After some difficulty I was able to obtain a copy of the maize study listed above, which I did not … Continue reading

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Growing Corn Kills People

Jason Hill, a professor at the University of Minnesota, and a team of other scientists issued a study on April 1, 2019, which initially I thought was an April Fool’s joke. It is no joke! According to one publication and … Continue reading

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Is North American trade deal good for U.S. agriculture?

Farm Foundation, which studies agricultural issues in a neutral manner and does not lobby, issued a report last October which is disturbing for agriculture.   This report, How U.S. Agriculture Will Fare Under the USMCA and Retaliatory Tariffs, included experts from Purdue … Continue reading

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What Is (and What Isn’t) a “Wetland”

(Editor’s Note:  With hundreds of rivers and tributaries (not to mention the Chesapeake Bay), rules defining “what is a wetland” are critically important for the state’s Agriculture industry.  Here, Gary Baise explores what is (and what isn’t) a wetland under new rules proposed … Continue reading

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Smithfield Gag Order Lifted

Smithfield and its subsidiary, Murphy-Brown, have won an important First Amendment gag order case in the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Smithfield’s subsidiary has lost 3 times in U.S. District Court. On April 26, 2018, a jury ruled Smithfield … Continue reading

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