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Steve Haner is Senior Fellow for State and Local Tax Policy for the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. He is a former reporter, lobbyist, state employee and political advisor, with an emphasis on tax and business issues. He may be reached at

Carbon Taxes Move to the Gas Pump

Imagine this: A regime of rising carbon taxes and tightening emission allowances extending from Virginia’s Cumberland Gap to the Canadian maritime coastline. It covers coal, natural gas, gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, compressed natural gas, wood and biomass fuel, in … Continue reading

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State’s Strand of Budget Worry Beads Capped by Expanded Medicaid

Call them the Secretary of Finance’s worry beads.  It is easy to imagine Aubrey Layne putting his fingers on one bead on the strand after another as he asks the economic powers outside his control to smile on Virginia and … Continue reading

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Voters Should Say “No” to New Carbon Tax

Virginia should not join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  Virginia’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) carbon tax is now fully authorized under a new state regulation, and the deadline to appeal that regulation has passed with no … Continue reading

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Calling It What It Is: A $450 Million Windfall Tax Hike!

Virginia state government ended Fiscal Year 2019 awash in cash largely for one reason: A $466 million tax increase that fell on about 30 percent of individual taxpayers, caused by conforming to the new federal tax law without any corresponding … Continue reading

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Real Medicare Doesn’t Match Political Promises

We had been on Medicare exactly two days when our first premium increase notice arrived, a nice healthy 5% jump. This isn’t the Medicare Heaven that I keep hearing about from the presidential contenders. I want that Medicare, the idyllic … Continue reading

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