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Steve Haner is Senior Fellow for State and Local Tax Policy for the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy. He is a former reporter, lobbyist, state employee and political advisor, with an emphasis on tax and business issues. He may be reached at

Is the Goal Cutting CO2 or Imposing a Tax?

While it would have been a popular step with his political base, and one he was expected to take, Governor Ralph Northam may have been smart to pass on seeking to veto state budget language preventing Virginia membership in the … Continue reading

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Is Winter Coming for Virginia Pipeline Projects?

The building season is here, but for developers of Virginia’s two hotly-contested natural gas pipelines, activity is back in the government agencies and courthouses. The construction sites remain largely silent, delays running up the ultimate cost of the projects, including … Continue reading

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How Government Creates Poverty

Government is much better at creating poverty than at curing it. On April 3 the General Assembly voted to end the practice of suspending driving licenses for non-payment of fines or restitution or both and ordered Department of Motor Vehicles to restore … Continue reading

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Will The “Taxpayer Relief Fund” Become a Sham?

The Taxpayer Relief Fund to be created with the residual dollars from the 2019 state tax legislation on conformity has not seen the first dollar deposited and Governor Ralph Northam is already proposing to spend some of it, seeking to … Continue reading

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The State of Taxaginia: Taxes Times Four

Wealth taxes are all the rage now in national discussions, with Democrats usually getting battered for proposing one. But as final versions of the income tax bill moved around the 2019 General Assembly, Democrats slipped in a provision to cap … Continue reading

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