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Michael Thompson is currently the Chairman and President of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, the state’s premier independent public policy foundation that has gained broad based respect from political and business leaders throughout Virginia. The views expressed here are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Thomas Jefferson Institute or its Board of Directors.

Framing Net Neutrality Standards We Can Agree Upon

By now, you’ve probably heard about net neutrality, the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should not favor some online traffic and data over others. It shouldn’t really be a controversial matter because virtually everyone agrees on the basics, and … Continue reading

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Offshore Exploration Gives Virginia Another Chance

Virginia’s opportunity to greatly benefit from offshore natural gas and oil development had life breathed back into it by President Trump’s decision to pursue these valuable resources off our Atlantic coast. First, we need to find out what amounts of … Continue reading

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Immigrants Add to our State’s Economy

Virginia is honoring our immigrants with a well-deserved “Immigrant Heritage Month” as declared by Governor Terry McAuliffe. With that in mind, I want to review some important facts and figures about the impact our immigrants have here in Virginia and … Continue reading

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Tax Reform is Key to Virginia’s Future

As of March 2017, our state’s unemployment rate was over 3%. Granted, these numbers are not awful, but I would argue there is room for improvement. Many of these jobs are held by people who had better paying jobs just a few years ago. And we still have too many who have taken themselves out of the potential work force and this makes that 3% number look better than it really is.

Our state’s economy should be and can be much stronger. The most important thing we can do to make this a reality is overhaul the burdensome federal tax code. Continue reading

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Internet Privacy – Careful How we Ask for It

In another life, I founded and built a direct marketing company.  We contacted folks using names acquired from “list companies” that offered to rent to us the names of those people with similar backgrounds.   These lists were developed by companies … Continue reading

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