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John Palatiello ispresident of the firm of John M. Palatiello & Associates, Inc., a public affairs consulting firm located in Reston, Virginia, providing association management and public affairs services to firms and organizations. He has been Executive Director of MAPPS, a national association of private geospatial firms, since 1987, is Administrator of the Council on Federal Procurement of Architectural-Engineering Services, a coalition of the nation’s leading design professional societies and President of the Business Coalition for Fair Competition (link to, a coalition of firms, organizations and individuals fighting unfair government-sponsored competition with private enterprise. He is the former Executive Director of America Moving Forward , a non-profit association of firms engaged in public-private partnerships in transportation. Mr. Palatiello served on the Fairfax County Planning Commission, 1993-2002, the Fairfax County Dulles Corridor Task Force, and numerous other state and local land use planning and transportation commissions and task forces.

Transparency and Market Competition in Virginia

With little fanfare and scant media attention, Virginia government became more transparent, efficient and business friendly on July 1 thanks to a new law authored by Delegate Jim LeMunyon (R-Fairfax). During the administration of George Allen, Virginia led a national … Continue reading

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Federal Bureaucracy Much Worse than Devine Outlines

Donald Devine could not be more wrong with his data or conclusions (Reagan Idea Could Reform Invisible Bureaucracy, Jefferson Policy Journal, March 19, 2015). He points to the growth of government spending, but the relatively constant size of the federal … Continue reading

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Taking the Bogey Out of Government-Run Golf

How many golf courses does the Commonwealth of Virginia own? No, that is not a ‘how many people does it take to screw in a light bulb’ question. Owning and operating golf courses is not a core government function. It … Continue reading

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State Should Get Out of Private Sector-Type Businesses

Next time you hear about the rising cost of a college education and the amount of debt students carry upon graduation, remember the Mason Inn. George Mason University, a Virginia state university located in Fairfax, suffered $11 million in losses on a … Continue reading

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Just Say “Yes” to I-395 HOT Lanes and the Terminus at Turkeycock Run

While serving on the Fairfax County Planning Commission, I heard numerous citizen arguments to various development and infrastructure projects. Change, particularly in land use, is often hard to accept and spawns cries ranging from “Not In My Back Yard” (NIMBY) … Continue reading

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