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Virginia’s Employment Declines(1)

April 25, 2014

Employment in the nation is finally starting to pick up. Nonfarm payrolls rose by 192,000 in March, which is 1.7% higher than a year ago. The Richmond metropolitan area is seeing similar growth. Employment rose 1.5% over the year ending with February, which is the latest data available at the regional level. In contrast, employment […]

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Suburbia Not Only Not Dying—It’s Thriving

Fortune magazine’s Leigh Gallagher got a large amount of publicity over the summer for her book, The End of the Suburbs: Why the American Dream is Moving. Major newspapers did articles repeating her claims, and she expounded them on various blogs and talk shows: Millennials hate the suburbs, Baby Boomers are moving back to downtowns, […]

The Rise of the Aspirational City

Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox have introduced the concept of the “inspirational” city — cities to which people move “to change their circumstances and improve their lives.” These are cities on the rise — restless, growing and entrepreneurial magnets of opportunity. I was pleasantly surprised to find Richmond ranking No. 7 on the list of […]

Governor Candidates Need to Focus on Economic Growth

As our nation seems to be slowly moving out of recession, it is important that our next Governor continue to job creating focus that Governor Bob McDonnell has had during his Administration. So far only candidate Ken Cuccinelli has presented a Economic Development Plan that outlines what he would do in taxes and spending.  Terry […]

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