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Are Courts Assaulting Our Liberties?(1)

February 2, 2012

Presidential contender Newt Gingrich was criticized recently for his remarks regarding judicial activism. He claimed parts of our modern court system are engaging in “…a fundamental assault on our liberties…” Further, Gingrich contends the Founding Fathers wanted “…to have a balance of power, not to have a dictatorship by any one of the three branches.” […]

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Why I want Michael Mann’s Emails

By Dr. David Schnare, PhD (Publisher’s Note: Dr. Schnare is the lead attorney in the UVA-Mann email case.) Recently, Nature Magazine published an editorial suggesting that “access to personal correspondence is a freedom too far” and that Michael Mann, whom they favorably compare to Galileo, should have his emails, written and received while he was […]

An Update on Northern Virginia Police Secrecy

Police agencies still secretive, newspaper editor still okay with that, plus a disturbing police visit to the former residence of a “Reason Institute” writer

Trust Me: You Can Trust Us

Northern Virginia’s police departments are determined to keep the public from knowing what they’re doing.

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