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Virginia Can Help Keep U.S. Air Superiority(Comments Off)

August 7, 2014

Guaranteeing the future of American air superiority is a task that extends well beyond the five walls of the Pentagon. In fact, we in Virginia have an important part to play. This is certainly the case with the futuristic and important new F-35 Lighting II stealth fighter currently under development. There are eighteen companies throughout […]

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Slower Recovery due to Sequestration

The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy released its fourteenth annual Virginia Economic Forecast last week .  It was again authored by Dr. Christine Chmura and her team at Chmura Economics & Analytics of Richmond, the state’s leading private economic consulting company. With Virginia facing the brunt of the federal government’s spending reductions known as […]

Economic Impact: Virginia Still Could Get Impact from Sequestration

(This column ran in the January 7th edition of the Richmond Times Dispatch.) President Barack Obama signed a law last week that keeps taxes from going up on most Americans, but the potential for sequestration was delayed for just two months. The sequestration — across the board cuts in government spending — has significant implications […]

Defense Cuts and Questionable Assumptions

As our national leaders struggle over deficit reduction, Virginians in particular worry about the possible effects of a sequester, or automatic cuts, in the defense budget. But it’s not clear that these would have as much impact on the state as some have predicted. Cuts in defense and non-defense spending required under the Budget Control […]

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