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Slower Recovery due to Sequestration(Comments Off)

June 27, 2013

The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy released its fourteenth annual Virginia Economic Forecast last week .  It was again authored by Dr. Christine Chmura and her team at Chmura Economics & Analytics of Richmond, the state’s leading private economic consulting company. With Virginia facing the brunt of the federal government’s spending reductions known as […]

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Economic Impact: Virginia Still Could Get Impact from Sequestration

(This column ran in the January 7th edition of the Richmond Times Dispatch.) President Barack Obama signed a law last week that keeps taxes from going up on most Americans, but the potential for sequestration was delayed for just two months. The sequestration — across the board cuts in government spending — has significant implications […]

Defense Cuts and Questionable Assumptions

As our national leaders struggle over deficit reduction, Virginians in particular worry about the possible effects of a sequester, or automatic cuts, in the defense budget. But it’s not clear that these would have as much impact on the state as some have predicted. Cuts in defense and non-defense spending required under the Budget Control […]

I Think I’m for Sequestration.

With all the talk about the perils of the “fiscal cliff” here in the Washington, DC area, I am slowly coming to the conclusion that maybe this thing called “sequestration,” that everyone fears, may not be so bad after all. I know many of my friendswill think I have gone off the reservation. Let me explain. Living here […]

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