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SOLs: Getting what was asked for(0)

April 25, 2014

A wise boss once told me: “Be careful of what you ask for. You might get it.” In the ongoing discussions over Virginia’s Standards of Learning exams, advocates of SOL reform may want to keep that adage in mind. Those who argue that, without exception, Virginia’s Standards of Learning program is not meeting the needs […]

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Some Thoughts on Expanding Medicaid

There are two policy issues involved in whether Virginia should expand Medicaid: first, is whether the budget should be the vehicle through which a major new government entitlement program is determined; and second, whether expanding Medicaid is a sound policy overall. Holding the budget hostage to this debate is serious business. Our elected officials need […]

Medicaid Reform – The Virginia Way

Let’s think through this Medicaid expansion issue. First, everyone wants to make sure that those who need health care assistance have access to it as needed, but how to best do that – for those who are financially less fortunate and need medical assistance and for the taxpayers who have to pay for government health […]

A Closer Look at the Jobs Numbers

The jobless rate is falling, and that’s good news. But it is declining for the wrong reasons, and that’s not good for a variety of reasons. The rate has fallen significantly since the recession ended. It stood at 6.6 percent in January. The government released the February figures Friday, March 7. The Federal Open Market […]

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