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Virginia, Stop Getting Slapped(2)

January 2, 2014

“There ought to be a law,” is not a phrase that slips easily from my keyboard. Generally, I think there are far too many laws and, particularly, too many new laws. Old laws that have long outlived any usefulness are too seldom revisited and removed from the statute books. At the rate we add new laws, one would […]

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Taxpayers Underwrite IRS Full-Time Union Workers

Did you know that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) actually pays the salary (no, we taxpayers pay the salary) of 200 employees who work full time on labor union business? All this even as IRS furloughs employees and cuts back on taxpayer advice under the guise of the budget sequester. As far as I know, […]

Time for Serious Tax Restructuring in Virginia

Now that the nagging issue of our transportation needs has been settled for the foreseeable future, it is time to turn to serious tax reform that can grow our economy, provide more spending money for our citizens, and relieve businesses of some truly job-killing taxes. This can be done in a creative and revenue neutral fashion and it […]

Raising Payroll Taxes to Save Social Security will Cost the Average Worker $73,000

(Publisher’s note:  The financial solvency of Social Security impacts Virginia, young and old alike.  This column is one perspective.) To resolve Social Security’s looming financial shortfalls, one of the primary ideas being promoted is to raise taxes. Such a proposal was recently outlined in a Fox Business commentary by financial planning and retirement specialist Gail […]

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