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Less Incarceration Could Lead To Less Crime(2)

July 10, 2014

When crime rates began rising in the 1960’s and too many Americans felt unsafe walking in their neighborhoods, the idea of putting more people in prison — and keeping them there longer — made sense. For the next three decades, our nation did just that, as public unease propelled lawmakers to promote longer sentences, curbs on parole and […]

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Confusing Ability with Intent: Why the NRA Should Not have Joined Forces With the ACLU

The recent controversy concerning alleged “unconstitutional” National Security Agency (NSA) collection of vast telephone “metadata”—records already collected by private sector telecommunications companies that identify what phone numbers were connected with what other phone numbers along with when the calls occurred and how long they lasted—has sadly been driven by misinformation, misunderstanding, and ignorance of both […]

Why I want Michael Mann’s Emails

By Dr. David Schnare, PhD (Publisher’s Note: Dr. Schnare is the lead attorney in the UVA-Mann email case.) Recently, Nature Magazine published an editorial suggesting that “access to personal correspondence is a freedom too far” and that Michael Mann, whom they favorably compare to Galileo, should have his emails, written and received while he was […]

Search Warrant Served on Student Newsroom Violates Federal Law

The search warrant served on the JMU Breeze in the aftermath of JMU’s riot violated the the Federal Privacy Protection Act.

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