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Medicaid Expansion Is Bad Policy, Period(1)

July 10, 2014

(The Jefferson Policy Journal ran a column on June 19, 2014 highlighting the positive aspects of how Indiana has expanded Medicaid, This column offers another perspective.) It is time to stop, take a breath and ask some basic questions about health care:  Do we want to see greater government control over health care dollars and […]

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Indiana Could Chart a Path for Medicaid Reform

Former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels created the Healthy Indiana Plan in 2008 as a way to expand sensible health coverage to uninsured Hoosiers. The program is a model of how to expand coverage but in a fiscally responsible way that also provides incentives for participants to help manage their health spending. Daniels’ successor, Gov. Mike […]

What If They Gave a Health Care Plan and Nobody Paid?

(Publisher’s note: As we in Virginia continue to debate whether to expand Medicaid coverage and rely on the federal government to pay 90% of the cost forever, it is important for us to understand that the entire health care program is still very unstable financially.) Here’s the news you heard: More than 8 million Americans […]

Some Thoughts on Expanding Medicaid

There are two policy issues involved in whether Virginia should expand Medicaid: first, is whether the budget should be the vehicle through which a major new government entitlement program is determined; and second, whether expanding Medicaid is a sound policy overall. Holding the budget hostage to this debate is serious business. Our elected officials need […]

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