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EPA’s Plans for Virginia’s Farmers(0)

July 24, 2014

Cover crops, Virginia says, “…comes at considerable expense to agricultural producers…” Virginia’s WIP (Watershed Implementation Plan) wants cover crops on 10% of available cropland. Financial incentive programs will be available. Virginia’s WIP claims there are approximately 27,000 farms in Virginia managing approximately 1.5 million cattle. Virginia officials state “Achieving livestock exclusion on 95% of riparian […]

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Just Assume We Have a Climate Crisis

In the case of climate change, those making the assumptions demand that we act immediately to avert planetary crises based solely on their computer model predictions. It’s like demanding that governments enact laws to safeguard us from velociraptors, after Jurassic Park scientists found that dinosaur DNA could be extracted from fossilized mosquitoes … and brought […]

Putting the “Garden” in Rain Garden

This July Virginians will start spending billions to meet tough new storm-water regulations. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (Richmond) wants to demonstrate best practices that save the bay – and look really good doing it. About a decade ago the leadership of the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, an institution known mainly for its formal gardens and conservatory […]

EPA’s Definition of “Other Waters”

EPA is defending their new proposal to define the ‘Waters of the United States’ in the Clean Water Act. At a competing website EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, in a guest editorial, defended her agency’s plan, writing: “Some in the agricultural community might think that this rule will broaden the reach of EPA regulations – but that’s […]

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