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EPA’s Myths and Misinformation(2)

August 20, 2014

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy spoke to the Agricultural Business Council on July 10 in Kansas City. One news report claims she said to forget about the myths and misinformation about EPA’s proposed interpretative rule for the Clean Water Act. I suggest you read Ms. McCarthy’s remarks. It is sad to see an Administrator give an […]

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What Will New Greenhouse Gas Regulations Cost and Achieve?

In an op-ed about the Obama administration’s pending regulation of greenhouse gases from coal-fired electricity plants, Paul Krugman recently declared in his New York Times column that: The international community will join together to curtail greenhouse gases if only the U.S. would do so. The regulatory costs of “saving the planet would be remarkably cheap.” […]

EPA’s Plans for Virginia’s Farmers

Cover crops, Virginia says, “…comes at considerable expense to agricultural producers…” Virginia’s WIP (Watershed Implementation Plan) wants cover crops on 10% of available cropland. Financial incentive programs will be available. Virginia’s WIP claims there are approximately 27,000 farms in Virginia managing approximately 1.5 million cattle. Virginia officials state “Achieving livestock exclusion on 95% of riparian […]

Just Assume We Have a Climate Crisis

In the case of climate change, those making the assumptions demand that we act immediately to avert planetary crises based solely on their computer model predictions. It’s like demanding that governments enact laws to safeguard us from velociraptors, after Jurassic Park scientists found that dinosaur DNA could be extracted from fossilized mosquitoes … and brought […]

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