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When the Gender Gap Meets the Racial Gap(0)

September 3, 2014

When remarking upon disparities in educational outcomes, most pundits focus on the racial/ethnic gap between Asians and whites on the one hand and blacks and Hispanics on the other. That’s no surprise, given the distressing size of the gap and the dismal implications of that gap for the prospects for forging a society in which every […]

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Save on Back to School Sales

By Nancy Thomas and Ray Mattes Each year, Virginia shoppers seeking back-to-school bargains have an added incentive to make those purchases during the back to school tax-free holiday leading up to the beginning of the school year. This year, it occurred this past weekend, August 1-3. The bitter irony about that isolated weekend is its […]

When A Deal Isn’t A Deal

As the fiscal year comes to an end on June 30, the General Assembly has not yet agreed to a two year budget. The stumbling block is that the Governor and the State Senate want to include a huge increase in Medicaid coverage to as many as 400,000 people not now covered. The House believes […]

Brown v. Board: Made in Virginia

On May 17, Virginia and the nation recognized the 60th Anniversary of the historic Brown v. Board decision declaring state laws establishing separate schools for black and white students to be unconstitutional. The anniversary was accompanied by commentaries recognizing the importance of the case – but few also recognized the pivotal role Virginia played. Remembering […]

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