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Vast Majority of Virginia Voters Have a Photo ID(Comments Off)

October 2, 2014

Recent news reports incorrectly reported that over 400,000 registered voters in Virginia did not have photo ID that will be required in the upcoming election in November. The part of the article that was accurate was the fact that voters will be required to present a valid photo ID in order to vote in person. […]

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Millennials Want a New Kind of Suburbia

The Millennial Generation (18- to 29-years old) will be a predominantly suburban generation, contends a new study by the Demand Institute based on a survey of 1,000 Millennial households. Significant majorities of the younger generation aspire to owning a single-family home and consider automobiles a necessity, while a 48% plurality expresses a preference to live […]

The Future of Fairfax County – Part I

(Editor’s Note: Fairfax County is the largest county in our state. This article points to some disturbing issues which could impact not only that county but the state. Fairfax County is currently the anchor of the Northern Virginia’s economy. The second half of this article will run in our next issue on September 18, 2014.) […]

As the Highway Trust Fund Runs Low, States Come to the Rescue – Part II

(Part I of this article was run in the Jefferson Policy Journal on May 8, 2014) Fortunately states and local governments are assuming a larger role in funding transportation, thus lessening the pressure to increase the level of federal assistance. Having concluded that they no longer can count on a reliable and growing stream of federal revenue, states and local jurisdictions are […]

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