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Elevated Managed Lanes Might Work Here in Virginia(Comments Off)

March 27, 2014

(Publisher’s note: This article bring all sorts of ideas to mind on where double decking roads might work here in Virginia. Two quick suggestions in Northern Virginia would be Route 66 inside the Beltway and Route 1 in Alexandria and southern Fairfax County.) The “freeway revolt” in the 1970s and ’80s left an incomplete network […]

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State Should Get Out of Private Sector-Type Businesses

Next time you hear about the rising cost of a college education and the amount of debt students carry upon graduation, remember the Mason Inn. George Mason University, a Virginia state university located in Fairfax, suffered $11 million in losses on a $54 million investment in the on-campus hotel and conference facility, causing the university to announce it […]

Employment Numbers Send Mixed Signals

The labor market has been sending mixed signals over the last few months regarding its strength. For instance, initial unemployment claims—typically a signal of the overall labor market—has been trending downward and is not far from a new 35-year low. After adjusting for the size of the current po pulation, the September figure of the […]

Post High School Education Important to Life Long Earnings

Many high school graduates and rising high school seniors are making plans that will impact their work-related opportunities when they graduate from college. While interest is certainly an important component of career choice, it should be balanced with job opportunities. Photographers and actors are two careers that high school students think about, but job opportunities […]

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